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  • 2013-10-18 05:44
    - A fast, simple way to clean stubborn coffee pot stains is to pour 2 tbsp of uncooked rice in the pot.  Add 5 ice cubes and swirl the pot until clean.  The rice will do the scrubbing for you!

Farmer's market pharmacy

  • 2013-10-18 05:49
    - What do you have in your pantry and fridge?

Food-The BEST Aphrodisiac Ever!

  • 2013-10-18 05:58
    - There is something so sexy about a great meal. It makes you feel oh-so-good every time you think about it.

Farm to table

  • 2013-04-03 11:07
    - This is my favorite time of year.  Farmer’s Markets abound in just about every city.  Visit as often as you can....pick up the freshest, tastiest fruits, vegetables and herbs.  Try things you have never tried before and discover some great new dining...

Kitchen Gadgets

  • 2013-02-25 05:28
    - I am not a big gadget person, but I have fallen in love with a few kitchen goodies, lately.

The Simple, but Impressive Art of Braising!

  • 2013-02-12 11:49
    - On a budget?  Aren’t we all these days!  Braising is the easiest way to make the cheapest cuts of meat taste like a 5 star restaurant entree. There are a few principles to follow, but there is lots of room for interpretation, allowing you an avenue for...

Budding Chefs - Teaching children to cook!

  • 2012-11-18 21:00
    - Budding Chefs-Teaching Children to Cook There are lots of advantages to teaching your children to cook. It helps with their reading and math skills. It helps them with time management, making choices, planning and following instructions. All very useful and necessary...

A New Way “To Plate” Your Holiday Greetings!

  • 2012-10-03 18:01
    - Try something fun and different this year when reaching out and connecting with friends and family. We have created a new twist for the traditional holiday newsletter.  I am sure everyone waits anxiously to receive a holiday update from me, bringing them up to speed...

Delicious Food ... in the UK!

  • 2012-09-20 05:15
    - Traveling the world and seeking out its treasures has always been my end, but my means to achieving this changes hats periodically.