A New Way “To Plate” Your Holiday Greetings!

Try something fun and different this year when reaching out and connecting with friends and family.

We have created a new twist for the traditional holiday newsletter.  I am sure everyone waits anxiously to receive a holiday update from me, bringing them up to speed on the fabulous exploits, adventures and accomplishments on my gifted children and grandchildren.

During my travels, over the past couple of months, while I was engaged in early gift shopping, the thought that I might be wrong about this crossed my mind.  I still want to share our year with those we love, but I started thinking there might be a more lasting way to do this.  Voila!  The Holiday Greeting Card Cookbook was born!

I took my collection of holiday recipes, gathered from the world over and assembled them into a cook booklet.   Here’s the really fun part....our greetings go on the front, our year covers two pages, inside, before the recipes start and there are places for my family’s pictures in several places.

This could be the perfect answer for you too!  The recipes are good at  anytime-they’re not just for the holidays any more!  And, your news and pictures can be enjoyed over and over again.

Take a look a the ebook, under the “Custom Books” tab or by clicking on this book cover....let the ideas start to flow and create a lasting and unique holiday greeting for everyone you know!

If you have any special family, holiday recipes that you want included in your personal book, we can do that too.   Help keep those happy memories and wonderful meals alive!

Fun, don’t you think?

We’d love to hear about the traditions and customs that you and your family enjoy, so we can share them in our blogs as we close in on the season.  Maybe there are special memories you have from childhood that you would like to share.

One of my favorite memories was opening our Christmas stockings.  We were allowed to go through them before our parents got up.  Our stockings were felt-my mother made them for us.  One of the things she always put in was ribbon candy, but she never wrapped it.  It stuck to the inside of the stockings.  In fact, I still have that stocking.  It is about 50 years old now and there is still some candy stuck to the inside!

‘tis almost the season,


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