Food-The BEST Aphrodisiac Ever!

Food-The BEST Aphrodisiac Ever!

There is something so sexy about a great meal. It makes you feel oh-so-good every
time you think about it.


Sometimes, it’s the plating; sometimes, the company; sometimes, the venue or the
music. It could be the flowers and the candles....but it could just be all about the food!
There are certain foods that can make you glow every time you enjoy them. They are
so consistent in their effect on people that they have been noticed and singled out all
through history and all over the world as having aphrodisiac qualities. I bet you enjoy
some of them yourself!
Let’s start with a few:
1. CHOCOLATE: It fills the body with antioxidants, energizes it with caffeine, stimulates
it with fatty acids and floods your love-starved vessels with serotonin!
2. ASPARAGUS: Surprise! Did you know that a food that looks sexual will fill your
psyche with desire. Whether it is dripping with butter or enticingly being enjoyed as a
finger food, the lovely asparagus can get your juices flowing. Really! It provides
vitamins necessary for increased hormone production. A meal with one course of
asparagus should do the trick, but the French often serve three courses....and they
are known for understanding the ways of love.
3. CHILES: When you’re hot, you’re hot! Varieties are almost endless, but they all
provide heat! They get your heart pumping, blood flowing, face flushing, body
sweating and desire growing.
4. COFFEE: Wakes you up and gets you moving in all the right ways! The decadence
of a deep, rich brew, the heady aroma, the enticing wait for the slow drip...yummy!
The alkaloids in coffee help maintain endurance and extend enjoyment.
5. BASIL: For centuries, the enticing power of basil has helped to keep wandering
eyes focused homeward. It adds dimension to the foods it embraces, creating an air
of anticipation. Its fragrance alone is enough to make your mouth water!
6. GRAPES: Ah, a glass of wine, a toast to love....champagne and fruit, filet mignon
and dressed in Cabernet, sauce a picnic lunch and chilled and
love-the ideal couple!
Whew!! to be continued.......
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