I love to travel and I love to eat ...

Come with me on a food journey to some of my favorite places. These little books will introduce you to my interpretation of various cuisines, area specialties and some twists on old favorites!

I love to travel and I love to eat-not necessarily in that order! From coast to coast, I have been exploring Mexico my whole life. My paternal grandmother was from Sinaloa, Mexico. She passed away before I was born but some of my earliest memories are of her sisters and their handmade tortillas and strings of dried chiles, hanging from the porch rafters.

My mother was a wonderful cook-fresh, local ingredients and made from scratch dishes.

My father had his influence on me too. His stories of shrimping with his uncles in Puerto Penasco and his yearly trips to Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas, fishing for albacore, spurred me on to make my own culinary discoveries.

I have lived in California, Hawaii, Colorado, Kansas, Maryland and Africa and have traveled extensively through the Caribbean, Europe, Central America and Asia and I have eaten just about everything each place has to offer!

Each cookbook is a little vacation, starting with some highlights of the area we will be visiting on our edible journey. The appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, desserts and “little extras” will, hopefully, resurrect memories of trips you have taken or create visions of those to come! Some ingredients may be a little hard to find in some areas, so suggestions for substitutions are included. Colorful pictures and easy to follow instructions make these fun to use and great to give as little gifts.

Each book is 8 1/2” x 6” and has 25+ delicious recipes in it! A metric conversion table makes each book easy to use where ever you may live. All cookbooks are sealed in a cellophane envelope, so they are always fresh and crisp for gift giving, displaying or mailing.

So, gather up your appetite and let’s go!