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Have it YOUR Way! Do you have a special event coming up? Do you have a date to commemorate?

* Bridal Shower / * Weddings / * Baby Showers / * Family Reunions

* High School / College Reunions / * Business Conventions / * Holiday Greetings

* Church Groups / * Women's Groups / * Business Promotion / * Business Customer Appreciation

* Charitable Cause or Fundraiser / * Sports Teams / * Clubs and Organizations

* Promote a Product of yours

Customized for you and your event. A one time $50 set up fee if you use one of our books but with your intro / bio, mission Statement and five of your photos. A one time $150 set up for all of the above but using the recipes you give us. We will format and illustrate them for you. After the initial set up fee, the books are $50 for 10 books...just $5 each!!

Add this product to your cart for $1 and we will contact you through your Email address. Please click on the Olive to go to the pay page. Sorry about the $1 but we can't get the cart to work properly without a charge but we'll refund it if you go ahead..promise! Alternatively,contact us here.