Budding Chefs - Teaching children to cook!

Budding Chefs-Teaching Children to Cook

There are lots of advantages to teaching your children to cook. It helps with their reading and math skills. It helps them with time management, making choices, planning and following instructions. All very useful and necessary skills.

But there is more..... Children eat better if they have had a hand in the preparation. They take great pride in making something that others enjoy and they learn a lot about food! They are more enjoyable companions in the grocery store because they have a vested interest in the choices to be made. They learn about making a mess, cleaning it up and they’ll come up with ways to do things more efficiently in the future.

They can become very creative with left overs and making a meal out of what is available. Young chefs can open a refrigerator door and see endless options, while their unskilled peers think there is no food in the house unless they see a full package of something they recognize from a television commercial.

Creativity, patience, planning, organization....all part of cooking! The science and math lessons learned aren’t to be overlooked either! The subtle difference between well-done and burnt and chilling and freezing.....and the impact of combining different ingredients together. All of a sudden, a 1/4 cup means something!

Seeing results from the choices they make is an invaluable skill to learn and cooking provides proof of good choices versus bad choices as soon as you sit down to eat!




For recipes and more ideas for providing worthwhile entertainment for children click on the book covers.



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